TOO YOUNG TO DIE

The body was very much intact and we’re very comfortable with the identification,”  Police chief Aaron Miller told reporters.

The news appeared on the diverse information nets almost as soon as they found her. Text messages began scrolling with the details. Live video cam streamed onto the screens of TVs, computers, and cell phones everywhere.  News programs were interrupted with the announcement which played video shots from the scene.

Summer Inman’s body had been found in the cistern behind the church where William A. Inman and Sandra Inman were married. Their son, Willy Inman, was Summers husband and father of her three young children.

Summer Inman, 25, had been kidnapped and killed on March 22, 2011 leaving the small community of Logan Ohio in shock.



Did Willy Inman, son of William Inman, Murder his ex-wife? Described by those who knew him Willy was a spoiled child who demanded his way with his parents. Was he able to convince them to assist in his ex-wife’s abduction?



Why was an all-out search for the abductors not immediately dispatched?

Immediately after the abduction an eyewitness resulted in an immediate call to 911. The Police Department  is ONE AND A HALF BLOCKS AWAY from the bank! Later, when Summer did not come home from work, her father called 911. Then Summer’s mother drove over to the bank, searched the area, discovered Summer’s ipod and other items on the ground, and then she called 911.  And the police still had not  arrived!

TWO WITNESSES were jogging in the area of Century National Bank in downtown Logan, Ohio. They saw Summer being tasered and kidnapped and were also eyewitnesses to the pepper-spraying of the additional eyewitness who intervened.

The two female joggers immediately ran (they did not jog) a block and a half to the Police Department and excitedly related what they witnessed. They say that they were treated rudely and suspiciously as if they were fabricating the story. The officer told the eyewitnesses that their other officers were tied up in a traffic stop.

The two disillusioned witnesses ran to one of their homes, which took around 15 to 20 minutes, and the husband took the two ladies to the scene of the crime where Summer had been abducted. When they got to the bank THE POLICE HAD NOT YET ARRIVED!

The two ladies say that it took an HOUR for the Police to finally arrive. When they did they became angry with the male and sternly warned him to calm himself and quiet down.

Bryan D. Casto, M.D., forensic pathologist and deputy coroner reported that “The 25-year-old was killed within 45 minutes of her abduction.”

We should expect cruisers to have immediately swarmed the area.

Law enforcement was immediately contacted and Summer was reported missing. The abductors were cruising down route 33 (or one of very few alternate routes) in a vehicle identified and reported by eyewitnesses. It should not have been too difficult to spot! And their route  from Logan to Nelsonville should not have been too difficult to have followed!

Yet amazingly the abductors traveled one of the very few routes through Logan to Nelsonville, and then back from Nelsonville through Logan, without detection.  

Could Summer’s life been saved if police had thought a kidnapping was more important than a traffic stop?!!?




Bill Inman converted a garage at his rural Hocking County home into a church around 2004.

Bill then led his family – Sandy, their son, Will; their daughter-in-law, Summer; and the grandkids – to Florida for two years where he and his son were employed in construction work. Bill returned to Ohio in mid-2008 with the family.

 He obtained a minister’s license which he held for a short time before they were permanently revoked for unknown reasons.

Bill envisioned Mercy Ranch as ministering to orphans, widows, and the homeless “to help people who has lost their jobs or been cut back on hours keep their homes,” he wrote in an incorporation document filed with the Ohio secretary of state’s office.

One unemployed man, who we will refer to as Adam, stayed a short time on the ranch with the Inmans. Adam became interested in Summer and allegedly persued the reluctant mother of three. Summer allegedly wrote in her diary that the moment she looked into his eyes “I knew the Devil had me.”

Now I am sorry.” she wrote, “Sorry that I didn’t listen to what God was telling me, sorry that I put myself into a bad position. A position where I could easily be taken advantage of and no one would know. He saw that in me …. He saw that I was scared and it made his power even stronger. He saw that I didn’t know what to do and that I couldn’t tell anyone what happened.”

I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t. My mind was screaming ‘run, get out of there now’ but instead I stayed and allowed him to dig deeper into me and pull me into his grasp,” she disclosed.

I wanted to run. Finally I did run, I ran right into his arms and I was forever gone.”

Summer wrote in her diary, “I don’t know if it’s the right time to tell Willy or not … I feel bad not telling him because I think he deserves to know the truth and to know that I don’t want to be with him right now.”

Summer left Willy in June, taking the grandkids with her.

In a sworn affidavit Summer would later say that her estranged husband had threatened to kill her if she ever “took the children from him.” She also stated that he would take her car keys, wallet and cell phone to hold her captive in their residence, and had taken her cats and either killed or abandoned them in retribution.

Willie claimed he took her cell phone and car keys when he suspicioned she was seeing Adam.  He also claimed the cats were ferals which were destroying his new furniture. and sofa. Attempting to pick one of them up, it latched upon his forearm, shredding both his shirt and his flesh. He took them to the animal shelter.

Summer left anyway, filing for divorce in June, about the same time she started seeing Adam. The sheriff’s office soon was fielding periodic reports from her and from her husband’s side of the family that the other was guilty of some transgression. “It was a really nasty divorce situation,” said Vinton County Sheriff David Hickey.


Summer showed up at the Inmans’ Vinton County home with Adam on Dec. 1 to pick up belongings as the family was moving out. She brought a deputy sheriff and her new boyfriend Adam with her. Bill requested Adam leave the property and wait at the end of the drive but the deputy refused to comprimise.

Bill first threatened to shoot Adam and then said he was going to beat him. Bill ended up wrestling with the deputy. He was convicted of misdemeanor charges, including resisting arrest, and was fined and given probation instead of jail.

Many are asking why this volatile situation was allowed to be further aggravated by allowing Adam to remain on the property?


FACEBOOK: The Final Chapter

Willy was still friends with Adam on Facebook. One day while surfing the net he decided to check in on the Facebook account. What he saw there shocked him.

There on FaceBook was Willy’s estranged wife with Adam posing with his childrenin a family photo!

Everyone who knew the Inmans would hear them say, They posed in that picture like they are a couple, like they are a family!”

Dispair and tension rapidly escalated in the months ahead.

The Columbus Dispatch writes, “The grandkids who had long been a daily presence in the Inmans’ life were gone for sure. A friend said the 47-year-old Bill and 46-year-old Sandy had lost weight and looked haggard. The divorce dragged on amid a fight over custody of the three children, now ages 21 months and 3 and 5 years.” Those who knew them say their lives revolved around those grandchildren.

Summer Inman was snatched in a Logan parking a lot after work by two men wearing ski masks on the night of March 22 and wrestled into a car driven by a blond woman.

Summer was bound, strangled and stuffed in the underground septic tank behind Faith Tabernacle, the church her father-in-law had helped build with his carpentry skills and had filled with his music.

It ultimately was mother-in-law Sandy who pointed police to Summer’s grave after striking a deal with prosecutors which exempted the three Inmans from the death penalty.

Three stories have been put out concerning the kidnapping and murder. One says that it was a kidnapping which got out of control and ended wrongly. A second says is was a preplanned murder.  A third claims the Inmans are not guilty of these charges.

Bill ‘s trial is set to begin December 2011. Willy’s trial is set to begin January 2012. The date of Sandy’s trial has not been announced.




When Summer was first kidnapped more than 400 concerned villagers of Logan gathered together for a vigil at Worthington Park, a block from where the young girl had last been seen walking out of the Century National Bank. The villagers of this rural community bowed their heads in prayer asking for the safe return of Summer Inman, and then raised their voices to sing a harmonious and heartfelt chorus of Amazing Grace.

It’s just horrible,” said one elderly woman, “This is supposed to be a nice, quiet little town. It’s just so sad. I just think of those three little kids. They may have lost their mother, they have lost their dad and their grandparents.”

Those who knew Summer say she was a very sensitive and caring person. She was quiet and unassuming and close friends adored her. She was a talented writer and had much potential in life.

She will be sadly missed by three little children, friends and family.

But Summer is not gone.

Even during the dark winter of this horrible trajedy Summer still shines in the hearts of those who knew and loved her.













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THE INMAN’S WEB SIT HAS JUST BEEN DISCOVERED! It was unearthed from an older cache! Read all about Billy Inman’s Mercy Ranch at the following link: 



Summer’s Father Calls 911


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We received the following comment from S.C. on April 8, 2011. We are posting it here in hope that it may reach some other unfortunate person or persons and perhaps save their life:

“I don’t think anyone is condoning what the Inmans did, I’m certainly not – however the WHOLE story of what happened is, and needs, to be exposed truthfully, as there are plenty of other women in similar situations hearing this story, and reading this blog. Yes, Summer had every right to want a divorce, she had every right to fall in love but when someone is living in a violent/abusive atmosphere – you don’t stoke the fires by running off with a boyfriend, and later, posting the abusers’ children’s sitting on her boyfriends lap on FB!! That was foolishly dangerous. That added fuel to the fire of an already highly contentious, nasty divorce….and it was maddening to the controlling abusers.

The moment Will Inman threatened to kill Summer – her boyfriend, her knight in shining armor, needed to take Summer and the children to a domestic violence shelter ( of which there are SEVERAL in her surrounding areas) – where Summer and the children would have been protected throughout this horrible divorce. “Their” love life, and future together, needed to be put on hold until the courts made their decisions and Summer and the children were safe. Moving in together, doing the ‘family” pic on FB, wearing the “I don’t have an anger problem, I have an idiot problem” shirt, Adam showing up at the Inman’s when she got her clothes, ALL would cause explosive reactions to ANY person with a violent temper.

My heart goes out to Summer, her children, her family and friends – but it’s time that people put a Band-Aid over their bleeding hearts and stop pretending what Adam and Summer did was okay because ‘they’ were in love, ‘they” deserved to be happy – this needed to be about Summer and the children’s SAFETY FIRST. “They” were blatantly foolish and provoked 3 people with violent tempers – and sadly, it cost Summer her life.

Let the truth be exposed for the sake and safety of others that may want to run off with their children. Domestic Violence shelters are there to help those in need. Take advantage of them, they WILL protect you no matter how long the divorce drags on.”

We also received the following interesting insight from Justice on 04/06/11 :

“Will A Inman Facebook is not a fake and he stopped posting on Adam’s wall after finding out about the relationship. Will stayed quiet about it so he could stalk unnoticed, to prevent getting blocked out. Adam isn’t too bright. It was the new pic that set him off. Since Summers dissappearence, Adam has become a big Facebook Star and has added over 300 new friends, and he’s loving every minute of it. He even posted on his wall a request for someone to “fetch him a pair of headphones.” …he changed his status to “Married” and for someone in grief as he SHOULD be, I can’t understand why he’s pressing the ‘like button on pizza joint pages. If you haven’t friended Adam Peters on facebook, you should. The new profile pic killed Summer.”


Sandy Inman reportedly suffered a complete mental collapse. She had spent many days and the hours of the day staring into space, being non-communicative and almost catatonic. Today she suffered collapse. She has been placed in “the hole” for her own protection.


Billy Inman Sr. made the following statement today:

 “I am innocent! I did not kill her. We did not do it. I promise you. I will take a lie detectors test and prove it. The story will come out and then everyone will know the truth.”


William Inman Sr shared a cell block with Chuck McCarrin who was incarcerated for a DUI.  Chuck, along with several other cellmates, reports that when Billy was told that Summer’s body had been found that his eyes got as big as tea-cup saucers, his mouth flew open, and he threw his hands up into the air and exclaimed, “Well, there goes my case! It is what it is!”


The Inmans have each been charged with two counts of kidnapping:







The Inmans had entrusted their home and possessions to a Christian friend, Josh P, whose main residence is in Florida. He was a friend of the Inmans. Billy’s mother attempted to contact him several times to no avail. She wanted to take all of the Inmans possessions and place them in storage.

She finally got hold of Josh. When Billy’s mother asked what happened to their possessions Josh informed them that someone had stolen everything. She asked him if the police were immediately contacted and he replied that they never were called at all.

Possessions which were stolen include the bedroom furniture and furnishings for Summer’s three children, all of their toys, games, dolls, teddy bears, etc. Large motorized cars a child could sit in and drive, coin collections the parents were saving for the children, their favorite storybooks and DVD’s, albums containing the first picture each child had ever scribbled, irreplaceable pictures of the children growing up, innumerable holiday photos and videos of Summer and her children on holidays like Christmas and Easter, and various vacations. Sadder still these pictures and films contained the children’s first attempts to walk and their first spoken words. All of the children’s wardrobes were taken, all of there clothing and shoes. All of their little car and doll collectons were gone.

All irreplaceable.

How could someone be calloused enough to first steal the children’s mother from them, and NOW to steal all of the sweet memories they had with her also. It is unimaginable how low and reprobate someone could be.

One of the persons who was supposedly watching the house (Josh?) reported that a detective told him to dispose of anything they saw fit to dispose of (But If one is legally considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, how could the detective make this statement to dispose of Imans and their childrens posessions, if he ever made such a statement at all).

They also stole the rest of the furniture throughout the house. They took expensive Italian furniture, jewelry, and everything else that was in the home.

But Josh claims everything was stolen.

Yet there has never been a theft reported and there is no record of a break in.

The children deserve to have what belongs to them. They are not the criminals. They are victims. Why allow victims to be further victimized?

Start calling the Akron Police Department and demand something be done to retrieve these children’s belongings. Even the Inman adults possessions should now belong TO THE CHILDREN! They shouldn’t belong to just anyone hoping to make a fast buck off of three orphan children.

Shame on you people who set idly by and do nothing. What if these were YOUR children?

Summer’s children are once again being victimized, Either by thieves were broke into the house, or by persons who are hinding the truth.




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